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Asia Meilleur


Asia Meilleur, a beauty professional who has dedicated the last 7 years to actively working within the beauty and Medical aesthetic space and in addition has over a decade of experience working in the health and fitness community. Asia comes with an extensive education and background in advanced aesthetic protocols and practices.

She has worked alongside several leading physicians who specialize in providing medical aesthetics treatments. Asia has greater understanding of industry leading treatments such as; microneedling, chemical exfoliants, deep understanding of medical grade ingredients and is highly proficient in Aesthetic devices and beauty equipment.


Microchanneling = Microneedling evolved

Live During Expo

Learn about the revolutionary and award winning microchanneling device Procell!

With thousands of users across North America, come to learn why Procell is quickly becoming the treatment of choice by skincare professionals!

Watch live demonstrations and see how the Procell device can effectively and safely treat all skin types while targeting specific skin concerns such as; hair restoration, pigmentation, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation!


Esthemax Masterclass

Live During Expo

READY TO UNLOCK THE SECRET TO THE PERFECT FACIAL? We are calling on YOU, Our fellow beauty specialists and aestheticians to join us in learning why Esthemax is the global leader in hydro-jelly masks! We will be unlocking all our secrets when it comes to applying the perfect hydro-jelly mask, secrets to mixing and matching your jellys, and much much more! We will provide you with all the tips and tricks that will easily transition into success within your treatment room! Take your facials to the next level and let us help you generate more income while growing your business and increasing your client retention rate.

Don’t miss out on seeing live demonstrations and getting all your burning questions answered by an Esthemax expert! You won’t want to miss this!



40 Day Video Access

Kathi Waddell


Hello, I’m Kathi Waddell. I have over half a decade of experience as a spa owner and aesthetician.

I have been harnessing the power of our stem cell solutions for the past six years.

I own two spas in Calgary and love providing the gift of gorgeous skin to my clients.

I am so excited to share the science of transforming skin using the Procell stem cell solutions and devices.


Science Transforming Skin and Your Bottom Line

40 Day Video Access

It’s MAGIC!!!

We will be discussing the science behind the Procell stem cell solutions and Procell micro channeling devices.

We will cover facial skin correction, how we can tighten saggy skin on the body as well as hair restoration and how all of this is possible with one very inexpensive little device and our patented stem cell technology.

Offering these stunning results will also transform your bottom line and make your business very profitable.

10 minutes on our machine = 30 to 60 minutes of gym time for clients and huge profits for you!

40 Day Video Access

We will cover how these devices offer a super easy and effective way to effortlessly lose weight, accelerate fat loss and tone and tighten.  These machines are ideal for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.  Our vibrafit machines are the hottest trend in physical fitness.

Discover how monthly memberships with our vibration therapy can transform your clients’ bodies and provide a steady source of income that will also transform your bottom line.


Live During Expo

Isabelle Côté



With over 25 years of experience in the aesthetic field, Isabelle is a highly skilled esthetician who has dedicated two decades to perfecting the art of sugar waxing.

His passion for Halawa Sugar, the pinnacle of sugar hair removal products, is unmatched. Even out of curiosity, Isabelle has explored the competition, but remains convinced that Halawa Sugar offers unparalleled results.

Clients can trust Isabelle’s expertise to deliver exceptional treatment, ensuring smooth, radiant skin. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience ensure a seamless and comfortable hair removal experience for everyone.

Elevate your aesthetic practice with Isabelle’s unwavering commitment to sugaring, and let her exceptional skills bring out the best in your clients.


The Art of Sugaring Air Removal

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:30 pm Room: Palomino-C

Join us at the upcoming trade show for an exciting presentation on sugaring hair removal! Discover the ancient art of hair removal, perfected for the modern age.

Our expert team will unveil the secrets of this gentle and all-natural method, promising smooth and radiant skin. Learn how sugaring effectively removes unwanted hair while minimizing discomfort and reducing skin irritation. Explore the versatility of sugaring, suitable for all skin types and body areas. Witness a live demonstration showcasing the effortless application and removal of this natural technique.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your hair removal routine for your clients. Join us for an enlightening presentation.

Your journey to beautifully smooth skin starts here!


Live During Expo

Pina Lee


Pina Lee is a highly experienced aesthetic professional with over 20 years in the industry. She holds an advanced diploma in clinical aesthetics from CIDESCO, laser technician diploma, and certification with Oncology Training International. Throughout her career, Pina has delivered client/patient treatments and skin health advice in various professional settings, while also providing support to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general physicians, and other medical skin health professionals. Additionally, she has contributed to business development initiatives, treatment protocol improvements, and profit improvement strategies.

Pina has also expanded her expertise by working as a corporate trainer for medical devices and as a vocational college instructor. Her extensive knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics and training form the foundation of her current role as the Clinical Educator with NUVIOR Medical Innovation.


Science Against Pigmentation – cosmelan by mesoestetic presented by NUVIOR

Live During Expo

NUVIOR Medical Innovation invites you to participate in an informative session on a revolutionary depigmentation treatment for all photo skin types. A treatment that requires no medical director, no capital investment for devices, involves minimal clinic time and deals with solar, PIH, and hormonal pigmentation concerns.

cosmelan® treatment by mesoestetic®, serves as the only comprehensive cosmetic option for addressing and regulating hyperpigmentation. This industry-leading method provides intensive correction action of lightening and brightening the skin while also regulating melanin production and preventing the recurrence of pigmentation. A safe, effective treatment with high efficacy and loved by millions of people around the world.

Optimizing Microneedling Results: Advanced PRP and Sterile Solutions by mesoestetic and Fidia

Live During Expo

Join us for an informative presentation on how to elevate your microneedling services and deliver effective results with two world renown Pharma Groups, mesoestetic and Fidia.

Learn how meso.prof sterile solutions from mesoestetic treat various conditions quickly, safely, and effectively with microneedling and other applications for transepidermal penetration.  Founded in 1985 in Spain, mesoestetic is loved in 104 countries, known for rigorous scientific research, high-quality ingredients, and advanced delivery systems to ensure optimal results.

Is 3.80 billion platelets dose per every 20 ml PRP possible, while other PRP systems deliver less than half of platelet concentration? Discover how the unique High Tissue PRP system by Fidia Farmaceutici allows you to obtain a concentrated and pure PRP solution, ensuring that the final product is rich in platelets and growth factors, which are essential for promoting tissue regeneration and skin rejuvenation.  Fidia, with its 77 years of experience, is an Italian mega Pharmaceutic company well known for its high-quality standards and the purity of its PRP formulations in its vaccines and hyaluronic acid offerings.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your microneedling services to learn about cutting-edge science with mesoestetic and Fidia.

Science Against Aging – age element by mesoestetic presented by NUVIOR

Live During Expo

Aging is strongly determined by internal and external factors, and responsible for activating specific markers that lead to wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brightness.  After years of research, mesoestetic has developed a solution based on epigenetic science to reverse the effects of these markers on gene expression to counteract the signs of aging in the skin.

Mesoestetic discovered how to go beyond DNA programming and activate different markers, switching on the messages to the cells that provide the skin with functions and elements that are lost with age.  This results in a unique anti-aging treatment that is formulated with powerful epigenetic active ingredients for maximum efficacy and to enhance beauty at every stage.

With its comprehensive diagnosis system designed to assess the specific needs and concerns of each individual skin.  It serves as the foundation for tailoring the age element professional treatment to each person’s unique skin type, conditions, and goals.  Truly customized treatments with every visit.  Innovation backed by an exclusive patent for the most demanding skin care experts.

Join us to learn how mesoestetic can elevate your antiaging treatment offerings.