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Rene' Stufano - Eckman


Distinguished by a half-century of excellence in the beauty and wellness industry, Rene’ Stufano – Eckman stands as a visionary entrepreneur and industry leader. As the CEO and Owner of EF Tropics USA, CEO and Owner of EF Tropics LTD Cyprus, and the COO/Co-Owner of O2SkinPro Inc, Rene’ has crafted an unparalleled legacy of success.

Rene’ embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 1972, opening her first brick-and-mortar location. Over the next five decades, she expanded her empire to include ten salons, spas, and day spas, personally catering to the needs of discerning clients. In 2016, Rene’ pioneered the launch of EF Tropics, a venture that marked a strategic shift from client service to importing and distribution.

Her role as a highly motivated and gifted leader extends beyond business ownership. Rene’ serves as a global educator for Epilfree non-laser hair removal, O2SkinPro®️ Skin Tonic, and No Grow hair removal, sharing her expertise with professionals worldwide. Her ability to motivate others is a testament to her passion for empowerment and education in the beauty industry.

In 2020, Rene’ transitioned from servicing guests to fully dedicating herself to the growth and success of her businesses. With an expansive vision and an unwavering belief in limitless possibilities, she thrives on the edge of creation—the present moment. Rene’ Stufano – Eckman embodies the essence of a dynamic entrepreneur, constantly pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the beauty and wellness landscape.


Intro + Certification of Permanent Non Laser Hair Removal treatments with EpilFree

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Sunday 4:00 pm Room: 206-B

Epilfree is a permanent NON laser hair removal system that is used by the professional in the treatment room. It is another option to laser, IPL or electrolysis. The Epilfree serums are used immediately after waxing or sugaring and affect the live anagen follicle by cutting off all of the energy to the mitochondria. It has no limitations like some of the devices.

Since Epilfree works on the empty hair follicle, it doesn’t matter what color the hair is or what Fitzpatrick the skin is. This treatment can be used over tattoos anywhere on the body. We will be going over the complete Epilfree protocol for permanent hair removal, including the PCOS protocol, pricing and marketing.

This class will be a complete certification. It will be a one and a half hour training and the participants that participate for the entire class will be eligible for a certificate and will be credentialed to offer Epilfree in their spa.


40 Day Video Access

Brigitte Biller

Hollywood Celebrity Artist Brigitte Biller is the creator of the Eyelash Enhancement Technique for Micropigmentation. With over 40 years experience in the beauty industry, she is a Master Educator in Custom Design of Facial Dermagraphics, Full Face Micropigmentation, Microblading, Ombre & 3D Multi-Dimensional techniques for Brows, Eyes, Lips, Tattoo Removal, SMP Scalp, Paramedical Reconstructive Micropigmentation procedures including Post-Surgery Wound Care. In addition Brigitte Biller Cosmetic offers Eyelash Training, Advanced Hairstyling Programs & Laser Rental Solutions.

Brigitte Biller has provided her programs for the Ministry of Education (Job Connect Program). Featured on CITY TV, she is a Worldwide Certified Master Instructor of Advanced Paramedical Micro-Pigmentation, Licensed Etiquette Instructor, Master Stylist & Hair Educator, Trichologist, Color Specialist, Medical Aesthetician, Laser Instructor & Distributor, Botox & Filler Injector, Holistic Practitioner and Therapist of Natural Pharmacology, trained by Plastic Surgeons, Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist.

Her program development surpasses those previously used in the industry offering the ONLY Full Educational Curriculum with the highest level of standards, recognized by the government of Canada.


SMP - Micropigmentation & Laser Rental Solutions

40 Day Video Access

Introducing the 1st complete program incorporating ALL techniques with various pigment brands for the best education. Instruction elsewhere by one manufacturer limits knowledge. Utilize various product lines and tools during your training. Darken, lighten or remove any error immediately, create 3-D multi-dimensional eyebrows, multi-toned eyeliner, ombre lip styles, ‘NEW’ SMP multi-toned techniques for scalp. Corrective skills are essential prior to starting any procedure.

This program reveals why camouflage is a ‘band-aid’ and not a correction. Learn proper corrective and removal techniques to avoid unnecessary touch-ups, PLUS Advanced 5 in 1 technique for eyebrows. Various tools and depth of pigment placement determine longevity outcome offering patients the options of lifelong, or short-term results based upon their desired needs. Understand the misconception of microblading to avoid several touch-ups. Yes! It can be permanent! Touch-ups every few months scar the skin, frequent procedures result in lack of color retention. Proper skin preparation pre-treatment / post- treatment healing techniques prepares skin for future procedures. Ancient history of microblading ‘soft tap’ (hand embroidery) also known as ‘ Hair Stroked Eyebrows’ – a more suitable name, as micro ‘blades’ are not used – micro meaning ‘small’, needles / prongs of various sizes and shapes. Equipment and needle selection differ for precision pigment placement.

Master ALL aspects of full-face micropigmentation procedures including SMP Scalp + Paramedical Reconstructive. Certified micropigmentation instructors with holistic and medical skincare background offer the Highest Level of Education with unbeatable business management and etiquette skills to start your career with confidence and professionalism.


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Sandra Fiore


Sandra Fiore is a passionate advocate of the Salon and SPA industry and an avid explorer of human and natural environments with cultural awareness. Her designs, though remarkably diverse, share deep respect for the context, incomparable freshness and grace, and the dramatic use of space and light.

A Toronto, Ontario native, Sandra studied at Humber University. As a developer of outstanding Salon and SPA designs, Sandra quickly became the lead-designer at Belvedere, a salon equipment manufacturer with design shop. Sandra was later named Belvedere’s National Sales Manager recognized for her insightful mind and fertile imagination.
Sandra reached a landmark moment in her career when she won with pride a competition for Salon design by the industry’s two covenant Awards nights handed by Mirror and Contessa. Sandra’s noteworthy contributions and innovative design work earned her a prominent spot in Canadian Hairdresser and Salon Magazines. The magazines named her as the influential women in developing the trends for Salon Design.

In striving to deliver the highest of quality Salons and SPAs, Sandra opened her own manufacturing facilities in Concord, Ontario furnished with the latest fabrication processes and technologies. This vertically integrated operations allow for greater attention to details, flexibility in creative, project outcome control and the development of industry leading designs


Salon and Spa Design Fundamentals

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 206-B

If you are planning on opening a Salon or Spa this is a must attend.

  • Know the basic requirements when opening a new space in Ontario.
  • We will discuss space planning, lighting, function, and good material choices.
  • Get a better understanding of what a designer does for your project.